holidays to Canada

Hotels in Vancouver

I am delighted to read in my overflowing inbox this morning that the Wedgewood Hotel & Spa was awarded 5th place in Canada by the respected US Travel & Leisure website and magazine. I love the Wedgewood, the décor and ambiance is European but with a very Canadian twist. My other Vancouver favourites would be the Loden and the ultra modern Fairmont Pacific Rim


Being a curious type, I thought I had better see who was top of the list and whether I agreed with them. Top of the pile was the Ritz Carlton in Montreal and second was the Auberge Saint Antoine in Quebec city.  Both gorgeous hotels and I was pleased to see that such different properties had been featured. Scored by their readers; there was only .28 difference between the two properties. Third and fourth were the Fairmont Waterfront and Fairmont Pacific Rim so by and large I agree with Travel + Leisure.

They also did a survey on the 5 best leisure properties in Canada and again all the top properties are on the Frontier Canada website. The wonderful Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island was top of the list by quite a distance.  I first visited the Wick, as it is known to its many friends and admirers, in 1997 shortly after it was opened by the McDiarmid family and have watched it grow in stature and excellence all these year.  Still run by the family, the Wick should be on every traveller’s wishlist.



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